Things to Know about OPI Gel Nail Polish

Nowadays, women are very much obsessed with their manicures. They always explore trends in manicures. In recent years, nail design and art have exploded in fashion and also it has been an important part of a lifestyle. You can see this art in salons, magazines, social media and big posters. What once was an afterthought and one which never erupted from mind is now being a space to express your imagination , your own personality which reflects you through this nail art. There are some the women who follow their influencers on social media and follow their daily routines which includes nail art and design too. Rhinestones, pearls, optical illusions, technicolor are alike icing on a cake that adds glory to nail paints. These nail arts keep changing according to season, trends, occasions and many more. In this competitive fashion industry, each and every brand and the one who are part of the nail care industries are ready to provide innovative services to their customers, making thousands of customers happy and satisfied.

Have you heard about OPI gel kit? Not really, then here it is for you.

OPI – A worldwide leader in the nail care industry

This brand is at the peak of innovation and manufacturing high-performance products. Here professional not only means high quality product but also an affordable luxury to customers.

There are many professional items they provide to consumers like nail treatments, nail finishing products, lotions, manicure/pedicure products, files, tools and acrylics. You can purchase products from their own website. They will provide their best services with each and every detailed cover like What length of nails do you like? What is your pretty skin tone? What color are you fond of on your nails? etc. to satisfy their customers.

Introduction to OPI gel nail polish

Whenever they introduce a new gel nail polish, they think that their gel color is simply the best. With a glossy shine, popping colors, and the one which lasts long, is the only one which any woman can choose for. These gel nail colors are totally free from chemicals and toxicity. The difference between a regular nail polish and gel nail polish is very minute. But this difference can make a lot of change in its effects. Compared to regular nail polish this OPI gel nail kit is much glossier and lasts up to 3 weeks, that is a pretty long time. Both the regular nail polish and gel nail polish have different curing time. But if you want that your nail should look right then there is always a tough system behind it. And also their new OPI GelColor Stay Strong Base Coat works like a charm for those with oily, thin, soft, damaged, peeling or bendy nails. This gel color contains calcium and vitamins that help to fix these types of nails. The procedure for applying gel polish generally consists of three major parts – a gel base coat, any choice of gel color and last is a solvent free top coat, this not only makes a shining effect but also gives durability to the nails.

Application of OPI gel nail polish

You can get that same professional look at home which you always want to instead of taking a trip to the salon. But before heading to the procedure you need some products and hopefully OPI provides them all so there is no anxiety over it.

This are the few stuffs you require for fulfilling the application of gel nail polish: OPI GelColor Base Coat, OPI LED Light, OPI GelColor Cajun Shrimp, OPI GelColor Top Coat, Expert Touch Nail Wipes, N.A.S. 99 Nail Cleansing Solution, Nail and Cuticle Oil.

Start with filing your nails and make into a shape you want, besides it shake the Gel Color Base Coat well for 1 minute and make sure that the product is fully dispersed. Next, apply the first thin coat on the nail evenly without spreading on the cuticle area. On every step of applying a thin coat you have to cure it with Dual Core LED Light for 30-40 seconds. After the curing process is completed, apply 2 thin coats of your favorite Gel Color leaving a tiny margin around the cuticle area. Cap the free edge to seal in the Gel Color and then keep it for another 30-40 seconds in light to cure again. Besides it, shake the Gel Color Top Coat vigorously for 1 minute and then apply 1 thin coat of it and succeed with curing it under light for 30 seconds more. If there is any gel residue left on your nail then remove it with Nail Wipe saturated with N.A.S 99.

Removal of gel polish nails

Many of the people are very curious to know that removing gel nail polish by themselves is safe? Between this process can they damage their own nail? And much more similar questions arise. The main reason behind this fear is due to unawareness of the facts. There are few steps to be followed to remove the gel polish. Firstly, file off the top coat and when you see that the shiny part is removed totally then no need of more filling. Then take a piece of cotton soaked in 100% pure acetone and place it over the nail. After that wrap the nail in aluminium foil and keep it for 11-13 minutes. But at last you won’t see any white spots, unevenness or damage to the nail occurred. This is where the general steps to be followed in absence of any nail techs around you. If you don’t want to risk it then it is recommended to go to a nearby salon.


You can check the color collections of the OPI Gel Colors and purchase OPI gel polish, also there are many nail art products to be looked upon. They are all coming with the trend and will definitely suit with the attire of your lifestyle. Hope this content proves to be worthwhile!