Kiara Sky: A Pacesetter of Trends in Nail Care

The ugly truth is that a lot of people mistreat their nails. Did you know that half of all children bite their nails? This behavior continues into adulthood if it goes unchecked. Nail health is however as important as the well-being of any other part of the body. Nail care is particularly important to diabetics because foot infections are catastrophic.

Natural ways of taking care of the nails, for example, regular washing and drying or wearing fitting shoes, is a skill that should be learnt early in life.  Fingernails are vulnerable to dirt and bacteria, toenails face a greater threat of infection. You are susceptible to infection from the amount of dirt you may touch daily.

Kiara Sky A Pacesetter of Trends in Nail Care

That is why you need to utilize time-tested techniques in nail health to compliment other efforts. Kiara sky colors is an example of the latest technology that will keep your nails elegant and healthy without much effort.

The Structure and Role of Nails

Nails are no less than claws of animal species. In fact, claws, horns, hooves, and nails are produced by the material keratin. The hard, protective protein on nail plates is known as alpha-keratin.

Nails perform the significant role of keeping germs out of the body. Good nails make the fingertips become a powerful center in hands.  Your nails support many daily activities that you may not be unaware of, like turning the pages of a book, scratching itches, and improving the ability to grasp while maintaining regular flow of blood.

 Toenails protect the toes from numerous injuries and infections every day. You must wash in between your toes thoroughly since it is a convenient breeding place for fungi and bacteria.

Modern techniques in the nail spa industry are aware of these functions. The most respected manufacturers of nail care products, for instance, Kiara Sky or OPI, are dedicated to giving you products like Kiara Sky powder, to keep your nails healthy and fully functional. In this article, you will learn more about a revolutionary technique in the nail care industry that will transform your lifestyle.

This method prevents nails from coming into regular contact with harsh chemicals, and it also makes regular manicure and pedicure unnecessary. If you want to maintain natural nails, it is recommended that you trim them one a week to keep germs away.

Seven Must-have Items for Self Nail Care

In nail care, you do not always have to visit a nail technician. If you have the right tools and accessories, a home manicure can turn out to be a rewarding activity. Here is a list of things you should consider in home kit to help give your nails a fresh touch:

Buff File and Buffer

It is better to own a buffer and a separate file. Choose one with a special patented surface which will protect your nails from peeling or splitting while filing. For a smoother finish, choose nail files with a higher grit.

Cuticle Clipper

Both left and right handed people can use this file effectively. This nipper is characterized with a sharp precision, making the snipping process absolutely painless.

Nail Strengthening Polish Remover

Generic nail polish removers should be given first priority. However, an acetone remover performs its role faster and cleaner. Kiara Sky polish remover evaporates quickly from the nail surface and skin.

Oil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner

This is one of the most important considerations. Cuticle oil is a blend of three natural oils that offers great benefits to your cuticles. The oil will also keep your hands and nails from dehydration.

Nail Cleaner

A stainless steel cleaner is not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

A Crystal File

Half-moon nail files come in a pack of five. These files are designed with 80/80 grit for a refined finish and look.

Kiara Sky Colors

There is an expansive list of nail treatment products under this category. Consider  these cruelty-free inventions in your manicure kit.


Nail care is an important activity to both men and women. Fortunately, technologies that produce nail care products have made rapid progress, just to maintain your nails better. Check out an amazing, highly-pigmented and smooth formula from Kiara Sky, a company dedicated to providing strong and long-lasting nail enhancements.

Explore the massive range of products from Kiara Sky including Kiara Sky powder, which also features an extensive variety, dip powder liquids, and dip powder kits and takes nail care a level higher.