Everything You Want to Know about SNS Powder Nails

Usually, I am the expert among my friends as I keep informing them about new fashion trends. However, when it came to dipping powder nails, they had the upper hand as they introduced me to this procedure. I was usually into acrylic and gel nails, but I was hooked when I tried dipping powder. So, there is no way to return to acrylic and gel as long as SNS powder nails are around.

Everything You Want to Know about SNS Powder Nails

So, let us discuss everything to know about dip powder manicures in this article.

Is dip powder something new?

No. Dip powder is not new because it has been around since the early 1990s. Dip powder ranks somewhere between gel and acrylic nail manicures because it has both properties. Like acrylic, it uses a monomer powder that sticks to the basecoat and helps the manicure last comfortably for three to four weeks. Besides, the procedure also uses an activator gel that binds the monomer powder to the basecoat. The best advantage of dipping powder is that it does not need a UV lamp to cure the nail manicure layers. Besides, SNS nail colors are available in an extensive range.

Is it different from gel and acrylic?

Yes. Dip powder differs from gel polish because it lasts longer and does not need UV light exposure to cure the manicure. However, removing dip powder manicures is more challenging than gel, which is usually designed for easy removal. On the other hand, compared to acrylic, dip powder manicures are easy to remove. Besides, they do not emit unpleasant odors characteristic of acrylic nails.

How do you apply dip powder to nails?

The procedure is simple but takes time. Prepping the nails consumes more than 50% of the time. First, it involves filing and buffing the nails to make the nail surface rough, enabling the basecoat to stick to the nail. Next, apply the basecoat and dip your nails into the SNS dipping powder to let the powder stick to the nails. Next, the activator gel allows the powder to bind with the basecoat. Finally, the topcoat layer seals the SNS powder nails and ensures a high-quality finish.

Can you have nail art designs using dip powder?

Yes. It is possible to have beautiful nail art designs with dip powder. The ideal patterns are French manicures, flowery petal designs, polka dots, and many more.

How do you remove dip nail manicures?

While applying dip powder is easy, the removal is comparatively challenging. Gel polish is the easiest to remove. However, unlike the gel polish applications, dip powder does not flake but melts and slides off. So, the removal process involves scraping off as much dip powder from the nail surface as possible using a nail file. Then, you soak the nails in acetone for half an hour, allowing the dip powder residue to slide off.

Is dip powder natural and safe?

Yes. Dip powder is organic, but it can contain toxic chemicals. Therefore, we advise purchasing quality products like SNS dipping powder.

The procedure is safe provided you follow the correct procedures. Primarily, we do not advise dipping the nails into the dipping powder bottle, especially if you have a manicure at a nail salon. You do not know whether the person having the manicure before you had a nail infection or not. Therefore, we advise carrying your dip powder bottle to the salon. Alternatively, ensure that the nail salon technicians apply the dip powder using a clean brush rather than dipping your nail into the powder. Generally, dry dip powders do not get contaminated. But, if there are blood stains, it allows bacteria to grow and contaminate it.

Can you have multiple dip powder colors on your nails?

Yes. Dip powder is available in exciting colors. You can have multiple colors on your nails to get an ombre finish. SNS dips are available in an extensive range. So you can choose your favorite dip powder colors and have an excellent time.

Which is the best manicure, dip powder, gel, or acrylic?

Acrylic lasts long but is challenging to apply. Secondly, acrylic nail manicures give out an unpleasant smell. Gel polish is the most attractive because of its shine. But, it does not last more than two weeks. Besides, there is extensive exposure to UV radiation. Dip powder manicure is the best because it lasts for three to four weeks. In addition, the dip powder manicure topcoat dries within minutes. So, the dip powder manicure is an excellent procedure that can give you beautiful nails.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed everything to know about color dip. They have become popular recently. The most exciting aspect of dip powder manicures is that you can master the technique and have it at home. So, have the best SNS powder nails and be at your glamorous best.