Why Are OPI Nails so “hot”?

Why OPI gel polish is loved by many people and we ensure that not everyone knows the reasons! Having beautiful, luxurious, long-lasting nail sets that show your personality or personal commitment is the requirement of many women around the world.

Why Are OPI Nails so “hot”

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Understanding that problem, O.P.I company has launched to the public high-class nail polish product lines to support beauty and nail care. It is necessary to mention the most advanced product line at the moment, which is OPI soak off gel polish, the birth of this gel nail polish has delighted girls all over the world and become fans of OPI nails.

In addition to bringing classy and “luxury” nail designs for almost all girls and women, OPI gel colors also have advantages that make many people, especially women fall in love with them? We will give the answer right in the following article!

Advantages of OPI Nail Polish

OPI Gel Nail Polish – the “no.1” Nail Polish Brand in the USA!

Referring to nails and products related to the nail industry, everyone must have heard of OPI nails at least once in their life. OPI gel polish nail color is a high-end paint line of OPI Product brand, belonging to Coty, Inc., it can be said that, because of the influence of this brand, all products are theirs when they are launched on the market.

Selling well, product lines such as: regular nail polish, nail polish, gel nail polish, OPI dip powder are currently holding the “number 1” position in the USA. This line of gel paints has always been chosen and appreciated by the nail industry in general and nail technicians and customers in particular.

In addition, the hotness of OPI gel colors nail polish has also increased rapidly because it is often trusted. Used by Hollywood stars. What makes manicurists appreciate OPI soak off gel polish is the special 3-step formula of this nail polish.

Various Gel Polish Nail Colors to Supply Every Customer’s Demand!

OPI gel nail polish has many color versions, they are extremely diverse and that is the second reason why OPI nail gel is always appearing in many nail salons and is the main product to attract customers of the nail salons. Each customer coming to the nail salon will have a unique need, a personal preference for color.

Therefore, to be able to meet all needs, nail technicians should choose OPI gel nail polish. OPI currently has nearly 40 nail polish collections with 150 different color versions. It will no longer be too difficult to highlight your hands and become attractive in the crowd.

From tones of colors, which are hot, sexy, luxurious to delicate, gentle and elegant or rebellious, OPI gel polish has enough colors and shades to help nail technicians serve customers. In particular, the colors and styles of OPI gel polish are often “orientation”. Therefore, more and more nail salon customers prefer OPI nails.

OPI Nail Gel Polish Is Extremely Durable!

Unlike other gel polishes, OPI brand gel polish always ensures high color fastness and beautiful gloss. This not only gives customers the opportunity to own a beautiful nail set, but also helps nail salons leave the best impression in the hearts of customers. The reason why OPI gel polish is highly durable is because of its smooth, scratch-resistant paint. Thanks to that, the nails are always shiny in any condition.

OPI Gel Polish Is Benign, Has the Ability to Protect Nails and Create High Safety

You may not know that toluene and formaldehyde are dangerous ingredients that are often found in the composition of gel nail polishes, but OPI gel polishes are completely different. This #1 color gel nail polish line in the US does not contain any harmful chemicals. Therefore, this product line will not cause the nails to discolor nor damage the real nail structure of you and your customers.

O.P.I nail polish manufacturer uses premium ingredients to produce OPI gel polish. As a result, OPI polish ensures safety for both nail salon customers and manicurists. Nail technicians can be in contact with this line of paint all day to make nails for customers without worrying about toxicity, allergies, etc.

In particular, on the market today, OPI nail polish is one of the first gel nail polishes that can be easy to soak off and contains beneficial nutrients, helping to nourish and regenerate nails. Amino acids and natural silk particles are found in OPI gel polish. In addition, this nutrient ingredient also works to prevent nails from yellowing and limit the condition of dry and fast nails.

The next advantage that makes OPI’s products always popular with nail salons is the fast-drying time while ensuring even gel nail polishes. Besides, their nail gel polish brush is scientifically designed, extremely smart and very easy to use. Even novice manicurists can use it.

Final Thought

The above article has just shown you guys some information about OPI soak off gel polish – the number one USA nail brand that is loved by many people today. Hurry up and get yourself OPI gel polish products that can help you or your nail salons satisfy every customer.