Makeup Ideas That Work Best for Acne Prone Skin

The vulnerability of getting frequent breakouts makes it very hard to apply makeup on acne prone skin on a daily basis. Mostly the main reason tends to be the clogging of pores which triggers acne. You need to be very smart in your selection of products and the way you apply them on your skin. While doing makeup, you need to keep in mind that your smallest mistake could turn your skin into a horrible reaction. Following are some useful makeup tips and ideas that are extremely favorable for acne prone skin.

Makeup Ideas That Work Best for Acne Prone Skin

Tips to get the perfect makeup look

Start with a good mattifying and moisturising primer. Apply it with gentle and upward motion of your fingers until it gets completely absorbed into your skin. With acne prone skin, one problem is the appearance of textured skin. The acne and pimples create bumps on the surface of skin, making it extremely difficult to get the best coverage. In this case, a BB cream can be very helpful. Due to its creamy and light weight texture allows easy penetration of the product in the bumpy skin. We recommend you use best Korean BB cream for acne prone skin. As this product is specifically designed for acne prone skin, it will help you get the required base for your makeup. Also, it won’t clog pores like normal foundations or bb creams. So it is ideal for getting the perfect coverage.

After preparing a good base, you can move on to setting in. Use a good mineral powder for this purpose. Let it set for a few minutes before moving into your blush and highlighter. In this particular case, try to be light and gentle. Do not overdo any product on your skin as it can buildup and cause breakouts to worsen.

How to prevent breakouts

To avoid recurrent breakouts, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Avoid using occlusive products. Anything that clogs pores is a complete no for acne prone skin.
  • Use mattifying products that absorb oil and sebum.
  • Apply everything in a gentle tapping motion to prevent irritation on the acne.
  • Do not apply a lot of layers of makeup. Try to be as minimal as you can. Go for soft and subtle looks.
  • Keep your skin well hydrated and deeply moisturised. Pay special attention to the health of your skin. Keep it nourished sufficiently.

How to keep your skin protected from further damage

It is very important to keep your skin safe so it won’t get acne reactions every other day. One thing that can help you in this regard is sunscreen. It creates an effective barrier between the environment and your skin. This prevents further worsening of your condition. You can try out a good Korean sunscreen for acne prone skin. Using it as a prepping step in your makeup routine will do wonders. It won’t allow your skin cells to breakout due to solar radiation.

You can also use a good face wash or toner regularly to keep your skin clean. A clean and clear skin will be a lot safer than the one that has impurities trapped in it.


If you have acne prone skin,don’t think you cannot have the glam of your dreams. Acne prone skin is no doubt a bit different and difficult to handle but definitely not impossible. You just need to be careful about a few important steps. Incorporating them in your makeup routine will help you in not only getting yourself all dolled up but also preventing future breakouts. Our suggestions will definitely help you in this regard.