Realistic Flower Designs That You Can Wear Using LDS Dipping Powder and Sealer Dry

Flower designs on nails are always simple, cute and elegant. They create a really cool effect that is hard to resist and since ladies’ nails have always been an important dimension of beauty and fashion, the search for the best floral nail art never ends. Here are some of the flower designs that you can choose from to match your style, your mood or the occasion.

Flower Nail

  1. Half Flower on the Edge

For beginners, creating a flower can be challenging so cheat the difficult flower design system and begin with half a flower. To make the half flower stand out, use LDS D132 Escape the ordinary basecoat then create flowers using LDS French White and a yellow polish. You can either do this on all your nails or on just one particular nail and leave the rest in single colour. If you want to add a touch of glitz, you can coat one nail with LDS French White and top it with glittered DND gel.

  1. Black Floral Look on White Polish

Using LDS French White as the basecoat, create a simple black floral look using a dotting tool and slender brush. To make it look edgier, coat one of the nails in plain LDS D132 Escape the ordinary and let your black floral decorated nail stand out.

  1. Glamorously Floral

Show your love for anything floral with this design. Coat the nails in LDS D09 Smoke Blue then create an over the top flower on both index fingers. The realistic flower can be achieved by mixing LDS Liquid Sealer Dry and LDS D132 Escape the ordinary. To make it look super dapper, add some crystals on the middle of the flower and get ready for mucho compliments.

  1. Turquoise Blossoms

One cool thing about nail art is that a little switching can change the entire look. Rather than creating a huge flower in the center, you can try putting tiny ones on the side and you’ll be surprised how a teensy change can give a unique touch.

  1. Orchid Burst

Orchid is one of those flowers that can pop up the nails in an instant. Its petals are pretty easy to do too. Just mix LDS Liquid Sealer Dry and your choice of petal color and your nails will surely stand out.

  1. Chic Rose Nail Art

If there is one flower that everyone loves, it would be roses and it also makes a popular choice in nail art. Most of the designs are in bright red and pink but if you want to be a little different then coat your nails with LDS D132 Escape the ordinary, LDS French White, LDS D09 Smoke Blue alternatively and then create your rose petals using the mixture of LDS Liquid Sealer Dry and LDS Clear Powder. These colors may not be the conventional shades but it works beautifully especially if you don’t want your hands to look too tacky.