Keys to Deciding To Choose Gelixir Colors

With the development of the beauty industry in general and the nail industry in particular at this time, it leads to the popularity of many products in many different fields. In particular, gel nail polish is one of the indispensable beauty preferences of women and with the variety of gel nail polish products today, choosing a kind of gel nail polish product is not difficult, but to choose for yourself or your customers a suitable product that will increase the beauty effect is still a difficult problem. Today, we suggest to you a fairly well-known product line with relatively good quality and affordable price. It’s gel Gelixir.

First, let’s take a look at the criteria to choose a good nail polish

Keys to Deciding To Choose Gelixir Colors

Nail polish has long been known as a cosmetic used to paint on finger nails or toe nails in order to decorate and protect nails. Over time, the formula has been greatly improved to enhance the decorative effect. And especially limit peeling or cracking.

Nail gel polish consists of a mixture of organic polymers and several other ingredients that give it a unique color and texture. Nail polish comes in all colors and plays an extremely important role in today’s nail art.

Safety for health: when using anything, you should take care of your health first. Choose a reputable brand with natural nail polish ingredients that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Shape of the nail polish brush: it should be neither too long nor too short. You should choose medium-sized brushes with flat tips and centered close together to create smooth lines, without clumps and streaks.

The shape of the gel nail polish bottle: do not choose the nail polish bottles with too unique and strange shapes. Because when the shape is shaped too elaborately, the nail gel polish will get stuck in the grooves of the nail gel polish bottle making it difficult to get the gel and also a waste when the brush cannot reach those grooves.

Odor: There are many consumers who cannot stand the unpleasant smell of gel nail polish, chemical smell. You should choose products with natural ingredients to limit chemical odors.

The reasons why you should choose Gelixir colors

GEL GELIXIR has been trusted and used widely throughout the US and some other countries for a long time, it is proud to be 100% manufactured in the US with clear ingredients and origins. Gelixir nail polish has high adhesion, smooth, beautiful color standard, high quality Gelixir Colors with standards certified and licensed by the Ministry of Health. Gel Gelixir has up to 180 other colors for you to freely choose and create nail sets according to your wishes.

Gel Gelixir has a super gloss shine and nail sets that using Gelixir colors can last up to 3 weeks without chipping or flaking and completely to soak off in just 10-15 minutes. For using gel Gelixir, just dry the gel under Led nail lamp about 60 seconds or UV nail lamp about 120 seconds.

The next advantage of Gelixir color is that it has beautiful packaging, many eye-catching colors and has many strange color schemes, especially bright tones that are extremely suitable for this Fall’s trend.

Gelixir color’s gel nail polish color is very fresh, very prominent and very suitable for girls who love dynamism and freshness. Gel Gelixir can be combined with many different outfits and it is also suitable for use on many occasions and such as: going to school, work, going out or going to a party.

You can be assured of this gel Gelixir nail polish line, it is not only guaranteed for the quality of the paint, the color palette, the bottle design, the ability to hold in the hand, the drying time but what is needed is the beauty, luxury and class that it brings to you guys. Moreover, when combining Gelixir colors with many other nail accessories such as glitter, stones or stickers, your hands will look much more outstanding.

Final Thought

Hope this article has helped you understand “what is good gel nail polish” as well as understand more about Gelixir colors – a good and affordable gel nail polish brand from the USA. We hope, you have partly answered the question in choosing gel nail polish for yourself. Find out and choose the best nail polish product that best suits your beauty needs. Gel Gelixir is truly one of the inexpensive experiences to have beautiful and amazing nails. Hope you get the nails you’ve been waiting for soon.