That moment when life catches you, it grabs you.. twists your inside, makes you smile, want to dance, makes you stop dead in your track. THIS is inspiration. Tonight, after what is often a long day, I stopped to day dream for a minute. Dreaming up what I hoped to be a new design, I suddenly was drawn in .. Sometimes, things just grab you. At a glance, its always been there. I don’t know where I got it, or how long I have had it. But for a time, there it sits. This little jewelry box, as I use it, with a bird a top. Every time I glance at this bird, I feel something.

Little bird

With one glance.


For so long, I had not paused to realize. But here is this bird, and I realized how grand life can be. That something, that could easily be nothing.. is something to me. This is what I love about life, this is what I love about fashion. Those days when you throw something together and run out the door, without too much thought. Yet, as the day passes by you feel more you with every step you take. You smile and want to stay in this very outfit, that has made you feel you. It’s these things that combined bring out the best in you from the inside to out. This is art, this is fashion, this is love.. This little bird, reaches me. It’s presence there on my bathroom counter, brings me joy. Here’s to enjoying everything and everyone who touches you in any way, small or large, distant or close. Cherish the moments and shine from within.