District is proudly made in Los Angeles for a girl who has a gypsy soul and wanderlust in her heart. District is a lifestyle. The District mantra is to feel as good in clothes as you do in your own skin, or even better. We are sexy. We are bold. We are sophisticated. We are clothing that lets you be uniquely you. From your under layers to the outer coats, the District babe always feels great.

District is known for their simplistic, sexy designs that are easy on the body… from bralettes to knitwear to jackets. In 2015, District expanded on its ever popular leather bralettes, and launched Guilty Pleasures a capsule collection of tee shirts, loungewear, and intimates.



Born and raised in California, Brooke Goldman’s fascination with the fashion industry led her to receive a degree in fashion design. Brooke sharpened her skills by working in management, merchandising and buying for two of the world’s largest retailers- Saks 5th Avenue and Nordstrom.

As her creative energy continued to grow she decided to leave the corporate world behind and in 2006 opened her own boutique SIDEWALKS, in Laguna Beach.   In 2011 her ingenuity led her to create her own collection. Seeking to pay tribute to her father, a great source of inspiration, she began researching family names. Brooke quickly discovered that the earliest translation of his surname, Jeffrey, was District and thus District was born.